Monday, August 17, 2009

5. Team Self-Empowered Woman

Dear Followers,

Well, the weekend is over and it's time to bring you up to date on the status of The Self-Empowered Woman. After a lot of howling and moaning (me) darling Tony once again rode to the rescue and spent all day Saturday emailing the "error" changes to Amazon's Booksurge. Much to our surprise (and delight) they answered and essentially said that they would have corrected proofs back to us by this time next week. Amazing!

Jacqueline Whitmore came over today to give me another blogging tutorial - I hope you'll like the changes. In the space for my photo I chose instead to insert a picture of Tony and me taken on one of our Boston trips. As I was reading Julie Powell's "Julie and Julia" I came across a passage that described Tony's importance to this project: "He was my partner. It occurred to me...that my husband was doing more than just enduring this crazy thing I'd gotten myself into, doing more than being supportive. I realized this was his Project too...he had become part of this thing. There would be no Project without him, and he would not be the same without the Project. I felt so married, all of a sudden, and so happy." Those of you who know us well know that Tony does all the typing, all the email retrieval, and all the nerve-soothing when I have one of my many frustration-fueled meltdowns.

Now to answer last blog's question: what do comedienne Sandra Bernhard, U.S. Olympic Softball Medalist Crystl Bustos, TV and movie writer/director Diane English, and actress Sandra Oh have in common?
These women all followed their own dream even when others (i.e., family) thought their lives should take a different direction.

Looking forward to your comments...

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  1. My question is, when can we hope to see Chapter 73 of Tony's autobiography, "The Marilyn-Empowered Man"?