Thursday, August 20, 2009

7. Nancy Drew

Dear Followers,

All the necessary changes have been made to the manuscript and within days I should have a firm publishing date to share with you. Needless to say, I'm psyched!

A few months ago The New York Times ran an article about the importance of Nancy Drew books on Sandra Day O'Connor (Chapter Five of my book), Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor. Did you know that the Nancy Drew books were actually written by several different authors, but published under the collective name of Carolyn Keene? Were you a fan of Nancy Drew? Bookworm that I am, I must admit that I've never read a single Nancy Drew mystery because I was too interested in the real-life stories of non-fiction characters.
Were you able to figure out what Beyonce, cartoonist Cathy Guisewite, ballerina Darci Kistler and golfer Michelle McGann have in common? Each of these women were lucky enough to have someone in their life who believed in them, and we all need a mentor, a role model or (as I label it Chapter Four) "A Supportive Someone."
I'd love to hear your thoughts on Nancy Drew or on whoever in your life believed in you...

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  1. Funny you should mention this. Just a couple of days ago I was out front (of my house) and my neighbors were walking by on their way to the library. They stopped to pet my dachshund and I asked 4th-grader Stephanie what she was reading. She is profoundly shy, but eventually got out "Nancy Drew", so we chatted about that. Of course, I had read the Hardy Boys at her age, so we all discussed that for a bit, and I recommended some of my favorites, including historical novels by Samuel Shellabarger (Captain from Castile, Prince of Foxes, etc). We all agreed that the best of the juvenile fiction of the '40s and '50s had a quality that seems somehow cleansing or wholesome, reinforcing fundamental values. But perhaps not for equally for everyone. At any rate, I yearn for the grammar and diction of that era's writing. I guess we can look to Marilyn for more than a hint of that.