Thursday, September 3, 2009

14. Day One

Dear Followers,

Great News! Just found out that The Self-Empowered Woman is now officially on sale at Finally!

Also wanted to share with you the news that Laydi Mendoza, the 22 year old National Guard mother who was having trouble seeing her daughter has now been allowed the right to see her little gril every day and take her home on weekends. She, her ex-boyfriend, their lawyers, and a mediator were unable to reach an agreement, but a family court judge approved a temporary agreement.

Would love to know your thoughts about Diane Sawyer's (Chapter Six) promotion to ABC News Anchor...

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  1. Regarding Diane Sawyer's promotion, I am happy for her. I occasionally see the increasingly-degraded Today Show when I visit my elderly mother-in-law, and hosting it strikes me as a consignment to TV hell. Sawyer must be relieved beyond measure to have received an assignment with some degree of dignity attached. Speaking of which, it has always seemed to me that the U.S. newsertainment system that makes newsreaders celebrities (unlike the news delivery systems of other industrialized nations) is a disservice to the U.S. consumer, not to speak of the taxpayer/voter.